Bradford on Avon Folk Club

Every Tuesday at 8pm in The Swan Hotel

What's On


May 31st: Singaround


June 7th: Singaround


Out On Bail

June 14th: Out On Bail

OUT ON BAIL Phil and Jane two thirds of the popular Irish band Wessex Contraband, have branched out on their own.Unfortunaetly, the two are dangerous criminals and are due back in court for sentencing in the near future. Let's just say the gold is in a safe place.

They sing a variety of country, Irish and Gospel songs,accompanied by some fairly dodgy harmonies and the usual smutty humour.

Sensitive types are advised to stay at home.

June 21st: Singaround


Jackie & Felix Byrne

June 28th: Jackie & Felix Byrne

Well known to Wiltshire clubs, Jacqueline and Felix Byrne have made music together for the best part of a decade.They love performing but they hate the part where they have to write about themselves in a musical context and have compiled a list of adjectives and the like,that they feel should be banished from the musical lexicon,never to be employed to describe them.From Eclectic to Haunting from Awe Inspiring to Enchanting and all those in between.Inelegant as it may sound, Felix plays guitar pretty dammed well and his wife Jackie has a realy good voice.It's all in tune,and they don't get drunk and fall over or swear too much.The songs are a mix of home made standards as well as some great updated versions of traditional songs.There are some nice harmonies too.As if you didn't already know.See you there. x

July 5th: Singaround

sing around always in the cellar

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